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Police allege the man would promise the women discount prices for merchandise and would request an email money transfer, but his alleged victims didn't receive the products as promised.Investigators say two women have contacted police to report the alleged fraud.Since farmed fish often have been bred via selective breeding they have a lower genetic variation than wild fish.If they interbreed with the wild fish it can result in a less genetically diverse, and therefore less robust, population. For example, Atlantic and Pacific salmon belong to different genera and while they can produce offspring, those offspring will be unable to reproduce (like mules).Like commercial farming operations on land, the density of fish in these pens necessitates certain chemicals to keep animals from getting sick and to keep things clean.The chemicals used in marine aquaculture operations such as medicines like antibiotics and vaccines, disinfectants, and substances used to prevent corrosion of equipment (cages, etc.) can also change the composition of the surrounding aquatic ecosystem.In fact, around 50% of the seafood we consumes comes from aquaculture.It is a billion industry which has grown 9% a year since 1975.

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They say the investigation is ongoing and police want to ensure there are no further victims.One example of this was the Pacific oyster in the UK, which was introduced into its waters in the 1960s via aquaculture with the idea that it would be a more commercially viable species than the native oyster.Unfortunately, these pacific oysters have spread and created reef formations, forcing out the native oysters and altering the marine environment.The amount of pollution from fish farms also depends on how the fish are contained.Open-net, or pen systems, allow for a direct exchange of water, where as “closed contentment” methods have a barrier which filters the water.

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