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Gerard hosts a sleepover one night expecting everyone to immediately get along until an incident between Pete and Mikey happens during spin the bottle. It launches a chain of events causing Gerard to accidentally transport himself and everyone to a shelf turning them into... Suddenly they have to not only solve their preexisting differences but also adjust to their new lives on the shelf. After finding a strange creature in the lagoon the trolls learn secrets of her past and when disaster strikes, Branch, Poppy, Tekai and the rest of the Snack Pack need to find a way to set their new friend free and get her back to where she belongs. He has also worked as the lead singer and lead guitarist of folk pop duo This Is Ivy League and as half of the electrofunk duo GRVRBBRS.Blackinton was born to Mary Jo Blackinton on March 31, 1982, in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.However after a journey to discover the truth about who she is, she'll have to embark on an adventure on what it means to be a true hero. Along the way, she meets a sarcastic and witty gray troll and a troublesome god bent on ruling all of Olympus and Earth. "I know we laughed it off at the time, but maybe Dad was right, maybe sharing the pillow really is the only way to solve this. Born Ryland Sharp, his last name was changed to Blackinton at age 6 when his mother remarried Dennis Blackinton and he adopted Ryland, along with his younger brothers Alex and Connor.The Blackintons moved to Massachusetts and lived there for several years.

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He moved to New York with his family at the age of four.Gabe was inspired by the punk rock bands since his childhood.He was greatly influenced by the bands such as Gorilla Biscuits, Pavement, and Fugazi.Perhaps Blackinton's most notable performance in college was when he portrayed the difficult role of Victor Emmanuel Chandebise in the French farce, A Flea in Her Ear.He starred in this production alongside Nicholas Ciavarella who played Dr. After receiving a BFA in Acting from FSU in 2004, Blackinton moved to Brooklyn, New York in order to pursue work.

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