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Because I’m young, foolhardy, and a DIY nut – I thought that I would try and create my own foot peel.That way I would have full control of the acid concentration (I wanted the maximum % that I could safely do).50% Salicylic acid is a very strong peel, and has the potential to burn if you are not careful- use gloves!!And if you have ‘normal’ feet skin, perhaps try start with 30%, or use one of the premade foot peels. If you have a weak stomach, probably best that you stop here 🙂 Otherwise, keep reading after the jump! Take a p H measurement to make sure you’re in the ball park and also to make yourself feel like a smug scientist. Use a clean, dry brush (I got mine from the kitchen section of the supermarket) and apply the peel to the soles of your feet and toes. I put a plastic refridgerator bag over my feet and then socks over the top. I noticed very mild momentary tingling as the peel was working (while I had my socks on) but there was nothing approaching pain or discomfort.When we decided to pursue our around-the-world backpacking journey together, we both worked hard to build our initial funds! No matter what success we experience, people might still think it’s because the Magic white man got us here.I even had five freelance jobs at the same time in Hanoi, Vietnam as we wanted to save more than ever! I want to be modest here, but straight to the point. This website was started by me, Jon wasn’t really into it, but with a little persuasion he joined in and started writing too. We both became yoga teachers and Ayurveda massage therapists because of my crazy idea of supporting our long term travels.Here are the most common misconceptions that I want to clear up – We would love to hear other Filipinas’ stories so please feel free to share your experience below !

Ok, so they have more ‘free countries’ than us, but it balances out, because when they pay, they pay big!for one application of 50% Salicylic Acid foot peel – 2g of Salicylic Acid (pure, powdered form) from 4g of ethanol (you can use Isopropyl Alcohol instead if you don’t have a friend in a lab coat) that’s it!Before you click on the rest of the post, I should probably say that I’m only posting what did, and by no means am I encouraging anybody to do this.A few days later, the skin on my feet went dull and sort of shiny.About a week after the peel, the skin treated with the salicylic acid started to peel off in sheets which is really quite gross but I found it perversely satisfying to watch.

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