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The main word "benzoxycamphor" used in this solution doesn't make sense as a chemical and may be "benzyloxycamphor" misspelled.

The highest score they report using only words found in the massive SOWPODS word list is 1682 points.

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People ought to keep in mind that other forms of sex, such as oral and anal sex, are sex per se, and require protection in the same way.One reader responded to Barry a few weeks later that with the word "sesquioxidizing", and a bit of luck, you could score around 1960 points.According to Wikipedia, Gyles Brandreth's 1984 book "The Scrabble Omnibus" reports this word already, and may have been the source of this reader's response.Googling for high scrabble scores, you'll find many links to fun-with-words, which contains a 1962 point theoretical play credited to the New Zealand top Scrabble player Jeff Grant.It uses no fewer than 11 words neither in SOWPODS, nor the Oxford English Dictionary, nor at

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