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She wrote a note on a napkin and slid it over to Morgan that said, “When we leave here, you are going to kiss and finger my pussy again”. Once inside, she pushed him on the bed and let her dress drop to the floor and straddled his face, putting her pussy lips on his lips.

His tongue went to work immediately, exploring all the folds and sensitive areas.

Soon she arrived, I took my new clothes and we drove to another store to purchase a present for my girlfriend.She brought us a few shirts and cardigans to choose from. At first I wanted to buy them all but then changed my mind and purchased just three items I liked best.When I approached to the cash desk I discovered that I had forgotten my credit card at home.Without a word I took you by the hand, opened the door, and led inside. You shuddered to hear the sound of the door being locked and looked at me frightened, but I just smiled in response, winked at you.You looked around; you were in my bed room for the first time. When she saw me she recognized me at once despite the fact we had never seen each other before, just by the pictures we had exchanged.

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