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And her singularitarians are strategizing how to deal with far-future advanced AI algorithms, while her nonsingularitarians are strategizing how to deal with near-future primitive AI algorithms.

These seem like…not entirely the opposite of each other? ”) Most people concerned about climate change are concerned about both those things.

We know the first three groups are wrong, because many of their members are “young or middle-age white men” who “have never been oppressed”.

On the other hand, the last group contains “majority women, gay men, and people of color”.

Imagine you were writing an article on the different kind of climatologists studying global warming. Maybe there’s a little room for disagreement on the best way to balance long-term versus short-term goals – should we build seawalls to protect our cities today, or start a program of power plan retrofitting which will pay off in twenty years?

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I have more disagreements with it than can fit in a blog post, but let’s stick with the top five.

It gives five examples of technologies that it’s possible to worry about without being a privileged white man, and every one of them is a different form of algorithmic bias. That’s the only future technology it’s okay to care about?

So much so that of five slots for potentially worrying technology, you filled all five with the same one? ) if we pointed her to someone with chronic pain who hasn’t been able to leave the house in years and asked whether it might be good to have technology that could help this person, she would say yes. I’ve written hundreds of articles during my lifetime and I don’t think I’ve ever mistakenly said that only privileged white men could care about not being sick.

Second, the article’s section on singularitarianism never mentions anything about the Singularity and doesn’t really seem to understand what the Singularity is.

Its example of Singularity technologies are “augmenting intelligence through robotics”, “better quality of life through medical breakthroughs”, “cryogenics” (I assume it’s confusing this with cryonics), “medical strategies for living forever”, and “possibly even the blood of young people.” None of these (except maybe the first) relate to the Singularity, which is defined as a point at which the rate of technological advance reaches near-infinity and it’s impossible to predict what happens afterwards.

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