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Smallie bite was negative in a tourney, guys were finessing but couldn't find enough fish sitting still to fill a bag. 5 bites on Sunday netted me 5 fish for over 15 lbs and a top ten. Then Mustad decided to make these awesome hooks with the 2X short shank. the bill lewis set-lock hooks are better and lower priced.

I had to downsize to three #6s to fix the Sammy 105s but the extra wide gap makes up for the downsizing so my hookup to land ratio has been almost 100% so far. buy the bill lewis set-lock and get more hooks for less money. i'm not kidding i would be whatever i thought was the best regardless of price but i promise you the bill lewis set-locks are better than these hooks.

, to deliver the ideal balance of hooking and holding power.

I thought I'd try it on Guntersville with a rattle trap and had a 8 fish on and the bait was so deep I couldn't see it when the fish first jumped. From: Comments: I have nothing bad to say about this hook. When you think of sticky sharp hooks this hook is the perfect example.They're worth their weight in gold when your tournament fishing. From: Comments: Used these hooks and have great results.Read some of the reviews and have used the Owner ST-36 stingers as well.The design also widens the hook gap, and angles the hook points more toward the shank.This provides an optimal angle for maximum impact and penetration, while also making the hook less prone to snags.

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