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Fill in your information below to receive an immediate answer (and a lot of reassurance just from going through the assessment): If you're a man struggling with relationship anxiety and lack of attraction is your main spike ("What if I'm not attracted enough to my partner?

") please fill in your information below to receive a free, 26-page document created especially for you (and if you're a woman struggling with the attraction spike, this document will apply to you as well): “When I was going through all my anxiety, I couldn't sleep or eat, and I would just search the internet for answers all night long.

“Sheryl’s work was indispensable in helping me soothe and address my fears and anxieties.

Without her guidance, wisdom and assurances, my overwhelm may have clouded what turned out to be one of the calmest and most incredible days of my life.”You are far from alone and I assure you that you’re not an extreme case. When you purchase the E-Course, you gain access to ten exclusive, one-hour MP3 interviews with women and men all around the world who have thought and felt everything you're feeling and thinking.

You will also gain 3-month access (with an option for longer access) to a private, moderated, extremely active forum, where you can connect with women and men who are struggling with your EXACT issues, and you’ll be privy to the wisdom of those who made it through and are offering their advice to those in the eye of the anxiety storm.“The e-course was a gift and an answer to a prayer.

I felt so lost when all this started, but after working through the course and interacting on the forum I feel like there is actually a purpose in all this. I might still get little blips of anxiety and I can only assume that there will continue to be ups and downs on this journey, but what I have learned is that it's not my partner. It's an internal struggle, an inner part of myself that needs attention.

" One of the ways we heal is through stories and learning that we're not alone.How to be content and happy with what is right in front of me"What I learned is that I'm not different.I've learned so much about myself, about my relationship, that I wouldn't trade my experience for anything.They come from all parts of the world, and are in all configurations of relationships, for relationship anxiety is the great equalizer and crosses all boundaries.It can effect you no matter how old you are, where you live, your religious background, or your sexual orientation.

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