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Ogden brings her in again, where she begins to tell him about the night Chris Regan was shot: a story of sex, jealousy, and secrets.

Two young mothers living hundreds of miles apart vanish under eerily similar circumstances.

Kenda leads a state-wide manhunt that brings the criminals to justice with just hours to spare.

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A Jacksonville firefighter discovers his wife's lifeless body in the bedroom of their home.Following the last interrogation, Kelly flees Indiana for Kentucky where she is apprehended by police. It's there where she changes her story about how the body of Chris Regan was dismembered.After admitting that she was more involved in the disposal of Chris Regan's body, Kelly goes through the gory details with Detective Ogden.Years pass without a single lead in either case until a Missouri police officer's routine house call uncovers the most unlikely suspect.Kenda recounts his emotional interview with an elderly woman who was brutally attacked and left for dead in a local grocery store.

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