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Charles offers Ophelia some cash to get in his car and he takes her home to polish his rod.

Ophelia thinks she’s found her new sugar daddy until Charles’ wife gets home! Angela White Gets Her Pussy Treated Like Royalty Angela White is known to be a fan favorite.

Later that night, Isiah jerks off to some porn on his phone without realizing it’s still synced up to the speaker.

Continue Reading → I’ll be frank, the drawings in this [email protected] Cinderella Girls doujinshi are kinda average and disappointing compared to past works by the eromangaka, and the thick black bar censorship was too effective, successfully blocking most of the arousal for me. But I still wanted to share this one, because: (1) adorable heart-warming vanilla, (2) a tsundere female MC, (3) thick eyebrows fetish, and (4) swimsuit fetish ^_____^ Plus, there’s this world-class joke about the Nao-ppai, but you’ll see when you get there.

Check it out maybe, but it’s up to you anyway ^^ We owe that one to Nao Lover, Azebu, Akai and Korodera, thank you very much!

It’s all fun and games until Jenna’s husband catches them in the act! Ophelia Rain - Squeegee This Ophelia works the squeegee hard to make an extra buck.

She cleans Charles’ windshield getting all wet and wild in the process.

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