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But now I see that it seems to be a common occurrence, so I thought maybe I was overreacting.

;) A girl When I first heard about this I thought it was kinda weird, but lately it seems to me to be an accepted and rather prevelent phenomenon.) - We men all had about the same stereotyped ideas about female behavior (Would the sucker have any inkling that I was not truly female, but pretending, in an exaggerated way, to be female?

I used to go in there and assume a female identity and poke fun at all the poor dumbsticks.

There was a certain ironic thrill in having a woman commiserating with me about all the idiot men pretending to be women.

And when you're ready to meet someone, we've got some cheap and free date ideas as well to help you connect with style, inexpensively.

) - I could successfuly pull off a mean prank on the guy in the dorm room next to mine (I was young.

I'm so sorry.) The answers, unfortunately, were yes, yes, and yes.

With its unique and rich features, large international user base, and social networking applications, Casual Kiss is an excellent free dating site for the younger set as most members are under the age of 40, with a strong concentration in the under 25 age range.

More » A review of the top free dating sites would be odd if it lacked POF (as it is known to its users).

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