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When you put your groceries away, rotate your stock.Move older cans to the front so they are used first and keep newer ones in the back.He says he was told to change best-before dates on fresh or frozen bakery items such as cheesecakes, muffins and pastries that were weeks or months past the best-before date.Saffari says he was told to take cheesecakes that had passed their best-before dates and add toppings, so they would appear fresh.The question: What do "best before" dates on food packages mean? They tell you how long a product will retain its optimum flavour, texture and nutritional value when stored under normal conditions. The answer: "Best before" dates refer to the quality and shelf life of an unopened food product, not safety.

They described a number of tricks that supermarkets employ to make food appear fresh.

Others said they would take mouldy fruit off custard tarts, replace it and glaze it to make it look fresh.

In each of these cases, food was put out with new best-before dates that significantly extended the shelf life.

I don't recommend eating packaged fresh foods once the suggested storage time has lapsed.

Time limits for storage The following list indicates how long you can store refrigerated foods to retain their highest quality – their freshness, taste and nutrient levels.

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