Flirt to sexy housewifes reasons for dating

She then spoke and asked if I was uncomfortable with her watching me.I mumbled something along the lines of "no, you're fine, it's okay".I was installing a ducted air-conditioning unit into a large posh house, a job which I would probably finish in two days but gave myself an extra day cushion, just in case.When I arrived I met the client who was a very attractive brunette lady, I guessed somewhere in her mid-thirties. She started to flirt a bit and hung around chatting to me while I started work.

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She is obviously flirting with him and won't leave him alone and at the end of the ad the handyman says to the camera "you don't want me hanging around your house when you're not there do you?

Then around lunchtime the same events as the day before unfolded, although this time it was a lot longer lasting and she seemed much more "normal" afterwards and not so stand-offish.... She then came to see me, smiling her hello and telling her husband what a hard worker I was and how lucky they were to get someone decent to do the installation.

When he was out of the room she was flirting with me again and even when he was in the room she continued, seeming to gain pleasure and amusement in the situation without one hint of shame.

We spent the rest of day being very chatty and friendly and when I left at 4pm she said how she was looking forward to seeing me again the next day and watched me drive away.

The next day when I arrived she was wearing a skimpy outfit of jean shorts and a revealing, low cut T-shirt.

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