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Topics range from food-related (brunch and dinner groups), movie buffs, book clubs, gardening groups, stitching groups, writing critique groups, business networking groups, and more. To find a Meetup group in your area, type in your topic of interest (hiking, crafts, book club, etc.) along with your city and state or zip code. If you're interested in joining, you can click the "join us" button on each group's individual page.As part of a group, you can discuss upcoming events, share photos, and chat with other members, depending on the settings each group has designated.

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Businesses and other organizations can sponsor Meetup groups through a program called Meetup Perks.

The idea is to offer a perk of some sort (the site suggests discounts off of goods and services or donation of a meeting space) that can be offered to groups on the site.

Meetup charges organizer dues that range from per month for six months, up to for a month-month charge.

Many groups share this cost with their group members.

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