Error validating the default for column newsequentialid

For more information, see Indexes on Computed Columns.

Any computed columns that are used as partitioning columns of a partitioned table must be explicitly marked PERSISTED.

For example, a computed column can have the definition: cost AS price * qty.

If you want to see exactly what Management Studio does, create this table: Now, in Object Explorer, right-click the table and choose Design.*/ BEGIN TRANSACTION SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON SET ARITHABORT ON SET NUMERIC_ROUNDABORT OFF SET CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL ON SET ANSI_NULLS ON SET ANSI_PADDING ON SET ANSI_WARNINGS ON COMMIT BEGIN TRANSACTION GO ALTER VIEW dbo.flarb_v AS SELECT a FROM dbo.flarb; GO ALTER TABLE dbo.flarb DROP CONSTRAINT DF__flarb__d__1B7E091A GO ALTER TABLE dbo.flarb DROP CONSTRAINT DF__flarb__e__1C722D53 GO CREATE TABLE dbo.Tmp_flarb ( a int NOT NULL, b int NOT NULL, d datetime NOT NULL, c timestamp NOT NULL, e uniqueidentifier NOT NULL ) ON [PRIMARY] GO ALTER TABLE dbo.Select the box to the left of the column name that you want to reorder.Drag the column to another location within the table.

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