Endpoint protection client not updating

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FEP gives you three methods to deploy definitions: I won’t go deep into the pros and cons of each, but suffice it to say that none of these will leverage your distribution points (unless you create UNC shares and point your clients to your DPs, which is possible with different policies, but somewhat of a pain).

So how can we leverage our DPs if the above three options don’t allow us to do so?

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This is fine for monthly security patches, however this process isn’t very good when dealing with anti-virus updates since most vendors release updates multiple times a day.

FEP doesn’t help matters much with this issue, and a lot of customers have had issues with not being able to leverage their SCCM distribution points.

More information about the definition files can be found at: One thing to keep in mind about the definition files is that these files can be downloaded manually EXCEPT for the Binary Delta Definition files.

I’m still trying to track down a link to download these files, and when I do, I’ll make sure to post an update here.

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