Elucidating structure

By supporting access through a web browser from any modern laptop or smartphone, Neuro NLP significantly increases the accessibility of fruit fly brain data and improves the impact of the data in both scientific and educational exploration.

Further Reading (1.4MB) » Neuro GFX is a playground for executable neural circuits.

Most of these modules are referred to as local processing units (LPUs) because they are characterized by unique populations of local neurons whose processes are restricted to specific neuropils.

Individual LPUs, hubs, and tracts are identified by different colors.

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It Despite significant investment and huge progress in understanding Drosophila neural circuits and the availability of excellent genomic and genetic community databases, a major obstacle in understanding the fly brain is the lack of communication/collaboration across the modeling community as well as lack of shared models, modeling tools and data repositories.

Vast amounts of experimental data that have been generated by labs around the world, have yet to be distilled into new models or used to validate and refine existing models.

The fruit fly is capable of a host of complex nonreactive behaviors that are governed by a brain containing only ~150,000 neurons.

Increases in the availability and scale of fruit fly connectome data, demand new, scalable and accessible methods to facilitate investigation into the functions of the latest complex circuits being uncovered.

Neuro NLP enables in-depth exploration and investigation of the structure of brain circuits, using intuitive natural language queries that are capable of revealing the latent structure and information, obscured due to expansive yet independent data sources.

The relationship between the fly's brain and its behaviors continue to be experimentally probed using a powerful toolkit of genetic techniques for manipulation of the fly's neural circuitry.

In addition, novel experimental methods for precise recordings of the fly's neuronal responses to stimuli and for mapping neurons and synapses in Drosophila nervous system provide access to an immense amount of valuable data regarding the fly's neural connectivity map and processing of sensory stimuli.

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