Elena gilbert and damon salvatore dating in real life

Allie moves back to her hometown Mystic Falls after a year in Australia.

What happens when she's finds out her town has changed?

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She assumes that this is only temporary, only st...*Previously called I Knew You Were Trouble* Her breath caught and she shut her eyes as his lips made their way up her neck, across her jawbone, slowly making their way over to her lips. They were both hit with a hunger they didn't know they had, let ...

During the events of Season Five, she and Damon fought for each other despite the many complications they had to face in their relationship, but Damon broke up with her because he thought he was "bad for her." Elena's body was also possessed by Katherine, who didn't want to die after suffering from the affects of the cure.

It took a while for Elena's friends to discover Katherine's lie and when she died, she left a little present for Elena, but this was later cured.

Alana Hayton, a lonesome girl living with her alcholist of a mother and older brother gets sucked into the world of TVD as Alana Gilbert, identical twin sister of Elena Gilbert.

How can she cope knowing her past and knowing about the events that will happen in Mystic Falls?

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