Early stages of dating relationships

Many people use substances to alter their sleep, eating and energy levels.As you try to make changes, you will need to shift from using a substance to using behavioral strategies.And it’s likely that your family is scared about your future and for their own.The following suggestions are things to consider as you try to repair your relationships and build back trust.

Helping our clients manage their expectations for each other also creates greater potential in turning the family system into a resource rather than a stressor.

We find that it is best to have these issues clearly spelled out at the start of the process as everyone involved will be better served if they have more compassion for what their loved one is going through as they face the change process.

7 Tips for the Individual in Early Stages of Substance Use Change For the person trying to change their behavior around substances, it can be crucial to slow down and acknowledge that your previous relationship with substances may have pulled you away from your loved ones in ways that you have not fully appreciated. It’s also likely that they are really angry or disappointed with you.

You may also be more emotionally reactive than you would like.

It is not at all likely that your loved ones will understand what you are going through and as a result may not be as compassionate or understanding as you need.

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