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In Horror stories, an empty school can become a creepy setting for any student assigned to cleaning duty who is unfortunate enough to be stuck there alone with the Monster of the Week.An Extreme Doormat will often accept cleaning duty without complaint, even if the job is passed off to her by another student.After-School Cleaning Duty can be especially troublesome for students who double as super heroes, as an ill-timed battle or a misuse of supernatural abilities can leave the area they were supposed to clean looking even worse the next day.While this is mostly seen in stories coming from Japan (cf., Real Life below), the use of this as a punishment is occasionally seen elsewhere (especially at a Boarding School of Horrors, Elaborate University High, or Academy of Adventure).

But please mean it."I DEAL WITH THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE ALL THE TIME."That admission also shows an absence of objectivity, which should get you off pronto. A common trope in school-life stories, After School Cleaning Duty serves to get a single character or small group alone, away from their peers and outside of teacher supervision.This could be a setup for an accidental romantic meeting between the male and female leads, or a chance for the Alpha Bitch or The Bully to torment the character without fear of interruption.It's a way to buy time, and sometimes—as if by some miracle of management--they neglect to follow up. Some states excuse students from having to do jury duty.If you can postpone it to December, even better, because that's a very slow time for trials and you might not get called in. Maybe you can even a full-time student in order to avoid this unwanted casting call? But make sure to keep getting left back, so you never get out and become eligible again. You'd have to prove you'd be financially devastated if you had to come in.

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