Do guys find me intimidating

How could I do all the right things and him bless her instead of me?You chose a career in full-time ministry and it feels like God blesses everyone else except you. It’s hard when we are doing the right things, and we see people doing the wrong things receiving the blessings that we desire. After hearing about God’s grace and mercy, she ran outside crying and sat underneath draping trees on her college campus because she just didn’t believe that mercy was for someone like her.I don’t know why God healed her family, but not your own.

Start hanging out with her more as friends so that you can get to know her.A lot of you say things like, "I've always liked boys/I'm still attracted to boys/I'm confused." It's okay!Maybe you're bisexual, maybe you're a lesbian and maybe you just have a crush on a chick. I’ve gone home alone a million times when she went home with a guy. You do the right thing and God blesses your friend who chose the wrong path.I’ve waited and saved myself for my husband and she hasn’t. You wait for marriage, your friend doesn’t–and she and her husband have carefree, easy sex while you struggle. Recently, I talked with a woman who described this monumental day in her faith journey.

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