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“Identity development really is happening in this period.You’re figuring out who you are, what you want to do, and what you stand for.

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I had changed so much,” she says, adding, “It always scares me now when I hear young people talk about wanting to get married and being together forever. Because you are going to change so much.’”The Perks Of Breaking Up Although divorce is challenging and mournful at any age and for anyone, research shows that women fare better post-divorce than men do. Mavis Heatherington, a preeminent psychologist who specialized in family interactions, found (in her landmark longitudinal studies on divorce with the University of Virginia) that while men tend to do better economically, socially, and psychologically in a marriage — even an unhappy one — than when they are single, women do better post-divorce.Two years after divorce, women are less depressed than those who remain in conflictual, unhappy marriages.Some women look like ‘super women’ — they achieve success at work while being good mothers and active in church, philanthropic, and community activities.”Each woman interviewed for this story reported a personal upswing in the shadow of her divorce.And the last portion of the brain to develop is the part that’s responsible for foresight, planning ahead, and decision making.So in our twenties, we tend to be romantic and hopeful about eternal love, while, at the same time, not playing with a full deck of cards when it comes to mentality and the ability to step outside one’s self and act in a less impulsive manner.

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