Did portia de rossi dating ellen

Gossip Cop has denied the National Enquirer report and a source close to De Generes even pointed out "the 'Enquirer' has officially stopped even trying to make their lies believable." Last year, De Generes opened up to Howard Stern about the constant speculation regarding her seven-year marriage to de Rossi, saying they are the last ones to know about such divorce rumours.

"We don't know anything about it until somebody tells us," the talk show host told Stern.

The couple are avid animal advocates and often speak out in support of better animal rights; they have been vegan since 2008.

Prior to launching Celebrity Net Worth, Brian spent seven years as the Managing Editor of one of the largest entertainment portals on the internet.

De Rossi and De Generes made their first public appearance together at an after-party for the Golden Globes in January, and then attended the SAG Awards and the Grammys together in the weeks following.

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But for Portia to leave Ellen for a man is the culmination of Ellen's worst fears," a source is quoted as saying by the reports.

4 View comments Fans were left baffled - and in some cases, annoyed - by Portia de Rossi's return to the TV series Arrested Development in season five.

A number of viewers took to social media to point out aesthetic inconsistencies when watching the Australia-born beauty on the series, noting that scenes featuring the 43-year-old wife of talk show host Ellen De Generes, who plays the role of Lindsay Bluth Fünke, were askew.

"We really don't almost break up, we don't fight, we're madly in love, and I guess it's boring," De Generes said.

August 2008 - Present After dating for four years, Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi were married in August, 2008, before the controversial Prop 8 (which illegalized same-sex marriage) passed in November.

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