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A slightly revised version of the framework has since been published (Knafl, Deatrick, & Havill, 2012).

Following the development of an initial set of items, further development efforts included review of items by experts in family nursing research as well as parents of children with varied chronic conditions (Knafl et al., 2007). It is made available through this website for use in research and clinical practice. Fa MM can be used in its entirety or selected scales can be used.

Click the References tab for a complete list of funding that supported the development of the FMSF and the Fa MM and reports related to the framework and measure.

Download the English Fa MM Questionnaire here The conceptual framework underlying the Fa MM is the Family Management Style Framework (FMSF) (Knafl & Deatrick, 1990; 2003; Knafl, Breitmayer, Gallo, & Zoeller, 1996).

It incorporates items from the Parenting Philosophy and Management Mindset dimensions, as well as items from the Future Expectations dimension, indicating that the condition is viewed as manageable now and into the future. doi: 10.1177/1043454209343210 “Assessing Family Management of Childhood Chronic Illness. Assessment of the psychometric properties of the Family Management Measure. doi: 10.1093/jpepsy/jsp034 Knafl, G., Dixon, O’Malley, J., Grey, M., Deatrick, J., Gallo, A., & Knafl, K. Scale development based on likelihood cross-validation. Statistical Methods for Medical Research, 21, 599-619. Kathleen Knafl, Ph D, Principal Investigator, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Janet Deatrick, Ph D, RN, Co-investigator, University of Pennsylvania Agatha Gallo, Ph D, RN, Co-investigator, University of Illinois at Chicago Jane Dixon, Ph D, Co-investigator, Yale University Margaret Grey, Dr PH, RN, Co-investigator, Yale University George Knafl, Ph D, Statistician, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Jean O’Malley, MPH, Statistician, Oregon Health & Science University The Fa MM was developed to measure how families manage caring for a child with a chronic condition/illness.Data from the Fa MM contributes to clinicians’ and researchers’ ability to understand family functioning in the context of childhood chronic conditions.This 14-item scale addresses parents’ perceptions of the extent to which having a child with a chronic condition makes family life difficult. Journal of Qualitative Health Research, 13, 871-883. The items in this scale come primarily from the Family Focus and Management Mindset dimensions. doi: 10.1177/1049732303013006008 Hadley, E., Smith, C., Gallo, A., Angst, D., & Knafl K. Parents’ perspectives on interviewing their children for research. 10.1002/nur.20231 Knafl, G., Dixon, J., O’Malley, J., Grey, M., Deatrick, J., Gallo, A., & Knafl, K. Analysis of cross-sectional univariate measurements for family dyads using linear mixed modeling. doi: 10.1177/1074840709331641 Knafl, K., Deatrick, J., Kirby, A.

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