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If it’s outside my “circle” of influence, there’s nothing I can do. In athletics, when physical stress is at a healthy level (eustress), an athlete experiences muscular strength and growth, while excessive physical stress (distress) can lead to tissue damage, disease, and death. Selye (1957) labeled beneficial stresses as "eustress" and detrimental stresses as "distress". Water – wait 30-60 min; eat food; wait couple of hours; drink water; then food2. Notes from David's part in the Man Tranformation seminar. Eustress – Positive stress Structural Distress = Problems Ex: Stress = Weight (literally, as in obesity). They aren’t subject to “sustained stress” like humans.1. TV is a negative influence (educational shows are okay).3. Found these online and saw some interesting stuff while taking a quick glance. t=2135Session 1: Time Management & Personal Productivity We must eliminate a) distraction, b) interruption and c) friction from our lives. If we are concentrating on something and we’re interrupted, it takes our mind something like 20 minutes to return to the same level of concentration as we had before the interruption. Substance abuse, illness, etc.“Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers”- Zebras are prey for lions and crocodiles. The Ultradian Rhythm: Different from Circadian rhythm, Ultradian rhythm is another natural cycle of the body. David will focus on a task for two hours (two 60 minutes). Session 2: Ultimate Physical Health & Wellness I won’t get into this much here but it was very interesting (unless someone wants to hear more). He only made 0 per month but he took the job to learn. Creators who use others to sell and market are not millionaires. For example, when we wake, we are focused for 90-120 minutes before we become distracted/sleepy for 20 minutes. Each 60 is broken down into 50 minutes focus, 10 minutes break. Imagine if you focused on one task for 60 minutes per day; perhaps the most important task or the task that would ultimately lead to the most financial success. Renewal: You need to actively renew yourself physically, emotionally and logically. Basically, David is a vegetarian now and a health and nutrition freak. Focusing on how to get more money is backwards thinking. Infinite Justice System – We want fairness and justice. There was a study where 0 was offered to person A. If you want to know your socio-economic status, just look at the five closest people to you. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with superstars from now on. Consider the most stressful experiences: death of a loved one, divorce, moving, holidays, etc. It takes 30 days for a new habit to become part of our normal routine. We need to develop “escape velocity” to overcome the gravity of our old habits. The healthier you are, the more you get done, the more you enjoy life.

Exercise = body use; using something consciously Key Systems1. If you experience negative emotions for 20 minutes, you knock out your immune system for 24 hours.3. I don’t think he means on a keyboard but rather with pen and paper. Maximum Leverage- First 90-120 minutes of the day; drink ½ liter of water- The next 20-30 minutes; stretch and exercise- Spend a few minutes on meditation- Spend a few minutes reading Do these things every morning. The Inner Butterfly Effect: The “butterfly effect” was described in the movie Jurassic Park. As someone who has studied business extensively, I can attest to these principles. I hope I didn’t break any disclosure agreement I signed by presenting this information. Hell I spend more than k a year on continuing education. It is also referred to “chaos theory.” In our context, we are referring to the domino effect that one thought has in producing many subsequent thoughts (imagine the dominos aligned in a triangle, not a line). “Enjoyment” is the underlying emotional tonality All three are necessary to be in the most productive state. Use Excel to keep track of sales, gross revenue, deposits, marketing, etc. David ran out of time so he had to rush and abridge this information. Although k sounds like a lot, in my personal industry, it’s not unusual to pay over k - k for consulting. And I have no regrets because I think in terms of cost/benefit. The mind’s greatest talent is the ability to concentrate on one thing for long periods. Things are either important or urgent but not both. Unresolved conflict also affects “clean focus.” It’s like having too many windows open on your computer; everything slows down. Humans can only handle one new ritual/habit every 30 days. There are so few “real” men in the world, when I find one, I want to hang on. Switch channels from mental to physical or to emotional tasks. Again, maintain “clean cuts.”Humans are creatures of habit: 99% of thoughts, emotions, actions are the same everyday! We have three parts of the brain; the physical, emotional and logical (the Triune brain). If you are frightened of my occasional tirades, what can I say?

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