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I knew that she had big tits, and as I look back, I’m guessing that they were a huge and full DD or DDD cup, and had a little sag.

It was also normal for women to be hairy and not totally shave their genitals in the 1970s.

Mike, Charles and I, along with some other friends, spent a lot of time at their home and in the pool.

It was during that summer that Mike, and even Charles to a lesser extent, started bragging about how hot and sexy Kay was.

They both had large, hairy balls that hung heavily below their cocks and thick foreskins.

I have to admit that they were both a little intimidating to me, since my hard dick is only about four and a half inches long, and thin. Their comments about sucking milk from Kay’s full, huge tits were also very arousing.

My family was good friends with another family that lived about five streets from us.Charles was about my size at six feet tall and one hundred and eighty-five pounds.Mike had a much more aggressive and outgoing personality than Charles.Their sons were older than me and were already living away from home in college.But I was friends with two boys who lived next door to our friends since we all played together when we were younger. Mike was one year older than me and was enrolled in the community college.

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