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Jacob worked for Rachel's father, Laban, for seven years in order to win Rachel's hand in marriage.But, at their wedding, Laban secretly substituted his elder daughter Leah for Rachel, later asserting that Jacob had to marry her before marrying Rachel.

In addition, "when a man takes a wife" appears in the bible seven times and on Simchat Torah, the Torahs are carried around the synagogue seven times.

At this point the rabbi or cantor offers words of welcome and thanksgiving, often Psalm 1: "Blessed are you who come in the name of " and Psalm 100, which expresses thanks to and praise for God.

The officiant also may recite these words to a medieval hymn: "May the One who is mighty and blessed above all bless the groom and the bride." The custom of the bride circling the groom (generally seven times, but sometimes only three) is a part of many modern weddings.

The processional may include the groom's parents escorting him to the chuppah followed by the bride's parents doing the same with their daughter.

Alternately, the two fathers may escort the groom, while the two mothers escort the bride.

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