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We looked at each other like we'd both spent our lives in convents and had never seen a member of the opposite sex before."Hey," he said back. For another week, we couldn't stop talking about how lucky we both felt, that we seemed to have been made for each other, how we weren't seeing other people because we didn't want to waste our time on anyone else.

He didn't respond to a text I sent him in which I said we make a good pair (which is what he'd been saying, over and over again, for two weeks straight). That night, he called me and told me he had a number of personal issues (that I knew about) that he had to deal with before he could bring someone else into his life.It's true that you can, indeed, quickly sift through Tinder dates like you're browsing books at a library.But those two-week, seemingly blink-of-an-eye-style benders can actually be quite meaningful. I was pretty upset by this "breakup." The fact that I feel the need to put it in quotes is telling enough of how people dismiss your feelings if you didn't date someone for a significant amount of time.When the driver pulled up to our meeting location -- a bar in the East Village -- the knots in my stomach unraveled and spilled into every crevice of my body.I hastily paid the driver and opened the door, my mind flooding with apprehensive thoughts.

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