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Hence, in order to recognize the Japanese date, we have to know the name of the era and exact year in which the reign started.Here is the table that includes all the necessary information: After comparing emperors character combination on the example and in the table above, we can define the Emperor. Hence, the era of interest began in the year 1989 AD.The Japanese calendar is used, in particular, on Japanese coins and bank notes.The main feature of the Japanese calendar is: it is divided into the eras, coinciding with the reigns of this or that emperor. Lets take a look at the structure of the year inscription in the Japanese calendar on the following example: 1 name of the era (on this piece: 平成, Heisei); 2 the number of years elapsed since the beginning of the era up to the current year (on the image specified, that is: 二十二, 22); 3 character Nen, 年, translated as the year.

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Keep in mind the following: if the character of any digit from 1 to 9 is located in front of the symbol 10 or 100 (to the left of either 10 or 100), this digit stands for the number of tens or hundreds (the digit is a multiplier).

Otherwise (if the digit is located to the right of the tens or hundreds symbol), this digit is a unit of a years number. The final calculation in the algorithm is: you should sum the year in which the reign started and current year specified on the coin, and afterwards subtract 1 year (since the eras start from 1, not 0). Let us now summarize what we know about the manual Japanese year calculation algorithm: 1) Among all the characters find the date inscription; 2) Find the character Nen, go to the opposite end of the date, find the first two symbols, find the corresponding emperor, refer to the table and put down the year in which this emperor started his rule; 3) Decipher the current year of the reign from the characters that are left; 4) Make use of the final calculation algorithm.

Coins minted before 1874 AD did not carry any dates. CS dating is believed to have started in Burma during 639 AD and used widely in Lanna, Sukhothai and Ayuthaya periods and in Burma and Cambodia.

Copper coins issued in 1874 during the reign of HM King Rama 5 were the first coins where C. In 1888 HM King Rama 5 declared 1782 as the epoch for the counting of years.

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