Dating sites in cairo

As the region's principal commercial, administrative, and tourist center, Cairo contains many cultural institutions, business establishments, governmental offices, universities, and hotels, which together create a dense pattern of constant activity.

The center of downtown Cairo in Tahrir Square, located along the east bank.

Industrial areas further crowd the city, restricting its growth.

Greater Cairo is spread across three of Egypt's administrative governorates.Beginning with 2008, the government of Egypt introduced the new type of passports, electronic and fully computerized that correspond with the global standards and with the requirements of ICAO.The security of the new passports is improved; they have a dark green color, and in the front cover centre is the emblazon of the Egypt Coats of Arms.The irrigation of Cairo's desert periphery has allowed for the development of suburbs, such as Heliopolis, located to the northeast.Other modern suburbs are interspersed with recently created migrant neighborhoods that accommodate the city's growing population.

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