Dating site for the hearing impaired

My daughter was very happy to see me in a good mood.

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She supports, understands me and above all loves me. If you want to get success here you may follow only one rule: Keep remind to yourself that you are here for love! It passed 3 years till I understood this one golden rule. Just a meeting between two people who were so opened during communication on website and a little bit closed during first meeting. Have you ever watched movie with a great love story and thought: it's just a movie, this never happens in real life? He is mature man and experienced, doesn't believe in better future for himself. Guys, I was trying to write about our story more briefly but Olenka insisted on this style of writing. I became a main character in a Great Love Story of the Century. My daughter could not look at this anymore and registered me on the site. I had an unsuccessful marriage after which I fell into depression. After several meetings, I decided to make proposal to my lady.

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