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The developers are targeting a third quarter, 2018 release window for the upcoming title, which will mix in CG images from visual novels, turn-based combat, and a special uncensored patch made available for free to make the game a lot more… The game’s details were originally rolled out back in December of 2017 over on the Love Esquire Patreon page. So during combat your job isn’t to battle but to protect, heal, and cheer on the knight who will do all the hefty battling. As you make progress with the ladies you’ll eventually unlock the CGs as a reward for filling up the relationship meter.The developers are currently hard at work on branching out the story for the five different dating options, including an exotic princess; a trauma-ridden young doctor who was once enslaved by some thirsty bandit raiders; a sharp-tongued monarch with a cold personality and a spirit that needs taming through hard training; and a local farm girl named Amelie, who has tomboyish mannerisms and is the main character’s stepsister. The game will feature over 16 different locations to visit and 40 CG images to unlock.I played a bit of Persona 4, and really liked the set up and the anime cutscenes.The jobs and social systems seemed like they didn't require enough input and were repetitive though, and there was less and less voice acting as I went on, just text, and the voice acting besides Troy Baker wasn't very good, the teen girl characters sounded like they were voiced by women over 30 years old trying fake high pitched anime girl voices, and the dungeon grinding became too repetitive. I'm at the point where a female character gets taken into the TV world and you have to go through 7 levels of the dungeon to rescue her. I've also tried the beginning of AR Tonelica Melody of Elemia.You can interact with up to 4 objects on each screen which can be things like a treasure chest, a patch of grass, a hanging fruit or even an NPC.Sometimes you will just get small talk about whatever you are inspecting, but more often than not it leads to one of the following: In case it's a choice, a lot of these will determine the affection value of one or more girls which is visualized by a heart or heartbreak symbol.While I haven't played Fallout, the whole game is basically a treasure of choices.

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Unfortunately the pacing of that story really dissipated interest for me when the anime cutscenes came so few and far between as I went on, probably due to not enough $ to keep them as frequent as necessary to really make the game all it could be, and all the level grinding between them.

You'd probably be better off looking for visual novels with gameplay rather than JRPGs with dating sim elements.

The Agarest series does the JRPG-dating sim hybrid thing well, but the gameplay falls flat on its face as bland and slow.

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