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This initial social media-focused launch will precede the planned November start for the regular series, according to Variety.

Participants include Irish pop stars Jedward, Teen Mom contestant Farrah Abraham, Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson, Elliot Crawford, Courtney Act and Casey Johnson.

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— yes, that's the name — combines cast-offs from all of your favorite reality dating shows and puts them on an island together.

A new social media-based celebrity dating show is being launched this summer by MTV International.

Called Single AF, the show will start its roll-out on MTV’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Also, who would agree to surprise an ex on television, especially when said ex might have a new romantic involvement? Here's a trailer from the 2014 version:in the United Kingdom?

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In the age of MTV’s reality show niche (Catfish and Teen Mom anyone?

If this doesn’t make you want to clean up before bae slides through then I don't know what does. Parental Control Imagine this, your parents basically disliked your current significant other and scouted other potential so that you would dump the one you were with.

This is probably one of the best yet worst shows for those featured.

If that weren't enough, the series also features the contestants' exes. It's adapted from a British TV series of the same name, and it promises to be good.

And it will be set in Hawaii, and it will be hosted by Romeo (formerly Li'l Romeo). Plus, it's already a staple of MTV International, so they know exactly how to make the show work.stars former contestants from various dating shows and multiple reality franchises, including ones that weren't explicitly about romance.

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