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An abbreviation is used to indicate what the password is.This abbreviation is put in the album name so the in-crowd has easy access.An album contains on average 34 pictures (in the ‘kids’ category).I’ve collected and calculated the total number of albums and pictures per category: I’ve screened the album names to look for indication of pictures of kids and marked ‘xxx’ next to each category when it’s probably full of pedo material (see red rectangles in above tables).No contact details The site looks really simple and amaturistic.Nowhere on the site is listed who owns it and who’s responsible for it.The photos Google Images is showing originate from all kinds of different sites, such as as images hosted on this site can be classified as child pornography and this is illegal in most countries. TL; DR By doing simple HTML tag search in Google, Bing, or Duck Duck Go for ‘img src’ or ‘img src html’ you’ll get results of half naked children.

RU and a spokesman said images are assessed “on a case-by-case basis” but if they are not explicit, there is little the agency can do. RU has 637,000 users and 38 million photographs uploaded, most viewed by normal decent people.Some categories look like they’re full of pedo content: How many pictures of minors are hosted?There are in total 65 categories on in which albums can be placed.[..] Fellow Labour MP Tom Watson, who is working with police to expose pedophile rings, said: “The operators of these giant photo-sharing sites need to deal with these issues promptly.“The police should track the authors of these sick comments.

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