Dating polytone amps

I must disclaim this blog post by stating that what I have written is just 1 opinion.

Discussing guitar amplifiers is akin to stepping into a quagmire.

There are vintage enthusiasts out there so you really never know but, at least on ebay, I'd be surprised to see you do better than the 0.

For what it's worth, Jrb I also have one..been using it for keyboards for 25 years..had it reconed and put real speaker grills on it about two years ago, but it still cranks.

Guitarists often become quite emotional and speak passionately, or possibly even overly-critical when discussing gear.

When you consider that most players don't even perform in front of an audience, or record for mass distribution, the "gear wars" diatribe can get really quite silly.

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Polytone Mega-Brute Amplifier Canadian guitarist, Glenn Murch once told me that Polytone guitar amps basically have one sound and you either like it or not. This sound is not ultra-high in fidelity ( compared to more contemporary designs ), has a dark voicing, a distinct midrange honk and starts to distort at high volume settings. This is probably not the best amp to use if you play in a big band, but it works okay with a trio if you are happy with the sound it provides and the drummer uses brushes and/or soft hands with sticks.

The trend seems to be towards more hi-fi sound (less distortion-more headroom and more power), smaller/lighter designs at somewhat increased cost.

Consider talking to Michael Biller at Sound Island Music if you wish to talk to someone with considerable knowledge and practical experience regarding modern jazz guitar amplification.

: George Benson made these famous...(see ad at Bay ISAPI.dll? They were also called the 'Joe Pass Special' at the time I bought mine.

: jeff I purchased mine new in '78....virtually never used it..smaller Polytone amps instead....

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