Dating penfriend to write to

She use to be a teacher, her name is Maria and she was from Szczecin, Poland. If anyone knows her whereabouts please get in touch.Thanks Name: Julia Email: [email protected]: Female Age: 21 Nationality : Russian Hobbies / Interests: sport, music, languages, reading Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends Message: Hi, My name's Julia. I wish to find friends from Poland to improve my Polish and to know more about Poland. Name: Franois Email: [email protected]: Male Age:: 18 - 29 From: France Message: I look for students from the University of Silesia in Katowice because i'm going to spend the next academic school year in Poland .sorry dont have a link at the minute but the sun newspaper was advertising it. Can you write to the wives instead of the soliders or something like that though?I know I've read a lot of things lately about how lonely they can be in military accomodation and having to relocate fairly regularly so they often don'y make lasting friendships.

layla i am an army wife, been doing it nearly 17 years so i`ve pretty much got used to it.

Name: Premraj Email: [email protected]: Male Age:: 30 - 45 From: India Message: I am 34 single man from india. But everybody is welcome to tell me more about Poland and explain me the Polish way of life; if you have question about french stereotypes ... Name: Gaby Email: [email protected] Gender / Sex: Female Age: 30 Nationality : British Hobbies / Interests: Archaeology, calligraphy, guitar, reading, history Looking for: Female Friends Message: Im in the UK, am half Polish.

reading writing are my hobbies/ my postal address premraj, chembazhanthy, manathana 670677, kannur kerala india.i am looking for female penpals from alll over the world from any age groups.ok? I plan to visit Poland next year during summer with my father (and sister). I am looking for new female penfriends from Poland... Name: Justysia Email: [email protected]: Female Age: 28 Nationality : Polish Hobbies / Interests: music, poetry, literature, movies, holistic medicine Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends Message: Hey, I'm looking for REAL people who are interested in conversation, sharing ideas about life. Name: Patricia Email: [email protected]: Female Age: 54 Nationality : US Hobbies / Interests: travel, art, music, languages, health & fitness Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends Message: I am traveling to Poland this summer. Name: Esteban Ruiz Email: [email protected]: Male Age: 34 Nationality : Chile (South America) Hobbies / Interests: stamps, coins, bank-notes, bus-tickets, post cards, reading, culture,. Looking for: Both Male and Female Friends Message: Hi everybody.

I know things are difficult at work right now with all the changes, but just know that the kids and I appreciate all you do.

I'm praying specifically that you will have peace and that the Lord will work out the details whether it be finding another job or finding contentment where you are now. But somehow this is all part of God's plan even though we don't see how right now. Some days it's really hard to go to work and deal with all that's happening.

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