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The genealogical charts in the appendices should be used with caution, with reference to the text for information concerning proofs. Readers may form their own conclusions about the family relationships, by studying the notes. William began to acquire property at the upper end of Chesapeake Bay in 1663, when he applied for a grant for “Fish Hall,” a tract of 225 acres in Kent County.It is the author’s hope that these studies will further our understanding of the Fisher families of Maryland, notwithstanding errors that may have been made in deducing some of the family relationships. The tract was surveyed in the following year, and was on the south side of the mouth of Sassafrass River, which is the border between Kent and Cecil County (then Baltimore County).

From this point, it is flanked at intervals by hills and in places by cliffs, including the Nockamixon Rocks, 3 miles (5 km) long and more than 200 feet (60 m) high. Below Trenton the river becomes a broad, sluggish inlet of the sea, with many marshes along its side, widening into its estuary, Delaware Bay.

On Christmas night of 1776, George Washington and about 2,400 of his soldiers crossed the Delaware from Pennsylvania to New Jersey 9 miles (14 km) above Trenton and successfully surprised British Hessian troops in their winter quarters at Trenton.

They began to settle around the Chesapeake Bay as early as 1650. They began to settle on both sides of the middle and upper reaches of Chesapeake Bay as early as 1650, when Katharine Fisher came as an indentured servant.

Y.); Easton, Philadelphia, and Chester (Pa.); Trenton and Camden (N. Commerce was important on the upper course of the river before the beginning of railway competition (1857).

Of the various early canals only two continued to be of any importance—the canal from Trenton to New Brunswick, uniting the Delaware and Raritan rivers, and the canal joining the Delaware River with Chesapeake Bay.

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