Dating in baroda

Pranab: But my friend, something is better than nothing.

As you’re well aware, I don’t enjoy majority in Rajya-Sabha.

You’re giving minute by minute live coverage of her: Nupur wore her own clothes to jail, she borrowed a jail library book, she was given a blanket, a mug, and she dined on brinjal-potatoes, dal and rotis.

Hell, even Nathuram Godse, Lee Harvey Oswald and Nalini Sriharan didnot get this much attention! Rivers of milk and honey will flow, Naxalites will stop kidnapping good Collectors, Drunkards will stop beating their wives, Lokpaal bill will be passed…., Black money will be brought from Switzerland, Kashmir issue will be solved, Bhopal Gas victims will get proper compensation and all the MBA colleges of India will stop looting aspirants in fee refunds, by declaring their results simultaneously on same date, right?

Economy cannot prosper in places having any type of uncertainty. Besides Supreme Court has said in my case Tax policy certainty is crucial for taxpayers (including foreign investors) to make rational economic choices in the most efficient manner.

This GAAR will only generate more income for the top 10-12 tax lawyers of India.It is very tough for me to pass any bill be it women’s’ reservation bill or pension and insurance reforms. This means total disrespect for bilateral tax treaties!Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties that that a treaty should be interpreted and must be performed by parties to it in “good faith”.And nobody is gonna read your newspaper columns except those UPSC and MBA aspirants.This GAAR issue requires proper public-debate because it has direct implications on Foreign investment, IIP, GDP, employment, inflation everything. Newchannel Anchor: sorry man but my news schedule is totally jampacked with Sachin’s Rajya-sabha nomination and Nupur Talwar’s bail case. Don’t they too deserve to get justice and media activism?

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