Dating gun cartridges

Peters became a division of Remington in 1933, and at about this time, the "Peters Cartridge Co., Cincinatti, O." (or Kings Mills), disappears from the box front.

Remington became a subsidiary of Du Pont in 1934, and at about this time, the Du Pont logo appears on Peters boxes, on the back.

Since re-introducing the 'KYNOCH' brand of Nitro-Express Cartridges, Kynamco Limited have maintained the quality and reliability standards that made 'KYNOCH' the most respected name in Sporting Ammunition for over 100 years, in association with Eley Limited, who have carried the oldest and most prestigious name in ammunition manufacturing for over 160 years.

These two world famous names competed to establish the pre-eminence of British Sporting Cartridges during the heyday of big game shooting in Africa and India before the First World War, and developed with the English Trade the famous ranges of proprietary cartridges - Holland’s acclaimed belted Magnums, Rigby’s .416”, Westley’s .425”, Gibb’s .505” and Jeffery’s legendary .600” Nitro Express.

Centerfire cartridges began to quickly replace rimfire cartridges in many applications where higher pressures were required.

This facility enables customers to test the ammunition in their own guns.Some history on the company can be found in the Note that the green box is overlabeled, but one end was missed, so we have "Soft Point" on one end and "Full Jacket" on the other end.This was probably done for a military contract, as Peters used their commercial boxes for this.Extensive development has covered both the established ranges dating back to the turn of the century and manufacture of new developments such as the new Holland & Holland .700” NE and Rigby .450” Rimless NE cartridges.All new tolling has been produced to draw cases from military specification brass stock to the original 'KYNOCH' drawings and dimensions, but with modern Boxer primers.

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