Dating finding guerrilla romance secret strategy tactic tip good dating relationship

If you suspect you're walking into an ambush, searching for where the bad guys are hidden is probably going to get you killed.

Unless you get lucky and find them in the first place you look, you are dead.

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The tough thing about setting up an ambush in a place of business is that it only works if the business is still running.

They attack aggressively so their opponent has to react from a place of weakness.

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Armatures, on the other hand, tend to relax which can give you the opening you need.

If you can manage it, the best move is to make it impossible to hide.

When a pro plans an ambush, they capitalize on the element of surprise.

And if you arrive dressed as a state contracted cleaning crew, anyone who does see you won't give you a second look.

In prison there is no such thing as "good attention," it's better to be a number than to be known because with anonymity comes safety.

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