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Divorce is a process of separation and transformation – a process that begins long before the dissolution decree.

The open acknowledgement of this intention and the individual’s and/or couple’s decision to divorce mark the beginning of the physical and legal process of separation.

The physical separation is simply that; however, couples may continually reunite until the emotional divorce is complete.

Its stages – cognitive, emotional, physical, legal, and spiritual – if worked through, can substantially lessen your pain.

The reason for “Divorce Court” melodrama is because couples are trying to make the legal separation while they haven’t separated emotionally, though they may be physically apart.

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The legal divorce can be a long, drawn out battle, in which couples stay connected through their anger by breaking agreements and violating court orders, or by taking either intransigent or ever-changing positions.

It usually long precedes the actual decision, as well as the emotional and physical separation.

Generally, people set goals or a course of intent, before they are emotionally and physically ready to carry them out, such as a job change, a move, or even getting out of bed in the morning.

The cognitive separation may seem relatively painless, but it usually follows a long period of frustration and unhappiness.

This intent may not be expressed, or even consciously acknowledged.

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