Dating different races joke

I'd prefer to have just an exchange in views, nothing hateful; nothing racist.Secondly, the debate should be in some sense academic; that is, have at least some understanding of race, racism, it's history and how it functions in society as well as an understanding of people from a variety of backgrounds.Since race is merely a social construction, then what exactly is it's function in our social world?Most people think that the concept of Race is different from Racism, but actually it's not.Especially when you consider the dating stereotypes that has existed and still persists.The effeminate Asian man, is one such idea that comes to mind, most people think it is just a keen observation, but it's actually steeped in history "In the mid-1800s, Chinese laborers were given an emasculated image due to their physical appearance, and the fact that they did what Americans considered to be "women's work." The Chinese workers sported long braids (the "queue hairstyle" which was compulsory in China) and sometimes wore long silk gowns.poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race (1). On every continent, there are diverse populations that differ in language, economy, and culture.There is no national, religious, linguistic or cultural group or economic class that constitutes a race."

'Black men' have been hyper masculine and very hyper sexual, because of their supposed primitiveness.

In all of these instances it was used simply as an excuse to exploit people. Secondly, I'd like to clarify my question in light of my definition.

If race is just a social construction, then, in truth there is no 'White', 'Black' or 'Asian', this is not to say that there isn't a physical difference between people; a dark skinned person obviously looks different from a light skinned one, but not anymore than a person having black hair looks different from a blonde haired one.

I have not discussed race a lot and hope that this debate can help me learn more about it.

I will now address Pro's arguments and discuss some of my own.

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