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Fock reasons that the abundant representations of these floors in Dutch genre painting may be explained by the fact that "artists were attracted by the challenge involved in representing the difficult perspective of receding multicolored marble tiling." Vermeer should not be considered a realist painter in the strictest sense of the word.

He frequently modified the scale, the shape of objects and even the fall of shadows for compositional or thematic reasons. One of the most striking examples of this modified reality is a so-called picture-within-a-picture, : The relining, or lining as it is also called, of a painting is a process of restoration used to strengthen, flatten or consolidate oil or tempera paintings on canvas by attaching a new canvas to the back of the existing one.

In the case of wall paintings, raking light helps show preparatory techniques such as incisions in the plaster support.

The term raking light may also be used to describe a strongly angled light represented in illusionist painting, although not strictly between 5º and 30º.

There have been some doubts concerning its benefits more recently, especially since the Greenwich Comparative Lining Conference of 1974.

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Often, painters use a three-quarters lighting which reveals the great part of an objects surface but creates at the same time a strong sense of volume.

Goeree and Lairesse agreed that reddering could be found in nature.

A type of representational art in which the artist depicts as closely as possible what the eye sees.

Many mid-seventeenth century Dutch genre paintings, including those of Vermeer, depicted elegant interiors of the upper middle-class.

These pictures reflect concepts that were important in Dutch culture such as the family, privacy and intimacy.

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