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Looking back WE DID NOT, Nina was just really nice. Speaking of YELLING RETARDED PEOPLE one time my husband and I were in Miami and we bought BAD PILLS (is there any other kind in Miami) and were TWACKED OUT ASSHOLES and ran into her and we COULD NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP and she was SO TOLERANT, AND SO NICE, AND SO UNBOTHERED that we almost wondered if we PASSED FOR SANE. All she needs is 12 months, a handful of those Mc Donalds gift certificates you got at Halloween, a stack of VHS tapes of STYLE with ELSA KLENSCH, 6 National Geographic magazines, and everyone dies. 10 Chad Michaels: Being the number one Cher impersonator in the world gets you top ten placement forever. Have you ever seen those crazy cat videos of cats reacting to people who throw a cucumber on the ground? Sharon Needles: When Sharon first came out I BOUGHT IT, literally, I bought the t shirt which was secrelty packed as a GLITTER BOMB.. I feel Chi Chi was THE BEST when it came to Lipsynch for your life. Tammie Brown: Tammie Brown is an UNCONTROLLABLE FORCE OF NATURE. NO QUEEN has any power over Tammie and for THAT ALONE she gets top ten placement. It would be VERY EASY to be an angry bitter person coming from her situation and instead Chi Chi took it upon herself to excel to the best of her abilities and BOY HAS SHE. Tammies superpower is that she holds no power unto her own but EVERYONE ELSES POWERS ARE RENDERED USELESS WHEN SHE WALKS IN THE ROOM. I mean as a kid I grew up in a tiny single parent home next to a pond and it certainly wasnt GLAMOROUS but if I felt like it my 8 year old self could wander over to the neighbors house which was basically THE ADDAMS FAMILY MANSION to me which belonged to the professor who established the local community college and Id just sit there in his living room while he and his wife watched JULIA CHILD Id point at the random objects hed collected from around the world and ask “Whats that?! Something tells me being from Louisianna Chi Chi didnt have the opportunity to learn how to cook LONDON BROIL (I still remember Julia saying “Ooh this roast is SPITTING at me) while sitting in the dark at a baby grand piano while a Grandfather clock gonged in the background like these people did.Do you know Raven is doing Res make up now and Delta Work is doing the hair?!?!? The Top 25 are ICONIC GOLD and are identities who hold their own amongst all the queens. The only “negative” I can think of is I dont like her interest in nails, seems like something India Ferra would be into.They are APEX PREDATORS and each could arguably be made number one depending on each persons values. Its sorta weird that she named herself Alaska when the biggest gay icon in Spain and many other Spanish speaking nations is Alaska but shes from Pittsburg, not Madrid. Alyssa Edwards: Oh fuck is Alyssa Edwards important!

If you havent, check them out, but in a nut shell cats are for some reason TOTALLY FREAKED OUT by a cucumber sitting on the ground. Bianca Del Rio: Bianca is a hard working professional and a talent and Im glad we have her on “our” side as I cant think of any straight comedian who could beat her in a "read off". FUCKING CUNT…She really gave us hope and spoke to so many and was a creative and funny star.

Her friend falsely billed over 100k from me though so theres a teeny bit of awkwardness there. 12 Miss Fame: Drag being an art form that relies so heavily on the magic of transformation being the best make up artist of all the queens certainly gets you TOP THREE placement.

Nina is also a great Dj who really gets that CUNT FACTOR and makes for a great night out.

In most departments that use it, it's fairly high on the use of force continuum (some don't use it - in fact, during my tenure on my former department, it was only sanctioned for use in lethal force situations, though that's changed since).

I think Valentina is LYING with this "Ive only done drag ten months" fantasy. Nina Bonina Osama Bin Laden Brown touches her simulated reproductive organs too much but I still like her a lot. They go from acting relatively sane to COMPLETELY BIZARRE at the toss of a cucumber... She doesnt particularly check any of my boxes as what she is Im not super into but you cant deny her abilities. My friend Bradford hired her for a dinner and it was fine and fun and all and as she was walking out the door my NUMB NUT husband brings up “but what about the movie youre making? Shes a great talent who has done some amazing looks.

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