Dating but not relationship

It’s hard no matter what the circumstances, although some circumstances make it significantly harder than others, like being cheated on or left for another woman.

It doesn’t always matter who broke up with who or if it was a mutual decision, it’s painful and it’s far too easy to get sucked back into a situation that you know isn’t right.

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It can be frustrating to finally gather the courage to call, only to have to answer a bunch of questions before getting the help you need.

The most obvious example of physical abuse is hitting, but other forms of unwanted contact also apply, such as pushing, grabbing, kicking, pinching, restraining, and even unwanted sexual contact when you’ve said no or are being coerced into doing things with your body that you don’t want to.Relationships exist on a spectrum, from healthy to unhealthy to abusive — and everywhere in between.It can be hard to determine where your relationship falls, especially if you haven’t dated a lot.Staying strong after a breakup can feel impossible.You see other people who do it and think they must be the types of people who wake up at 5 am every day to work out and never touch a carbohydrate, they have super-strength willpower that mere mortals can’t hope to achieve!

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