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The girls were receptive and everyone was very social.Downstairs and outside were the best places to open because of the low volume of the music, but the upstairs represented the typical high-energy club atmosphere.Though, because of the variety, there were only select numbers of each (tall, skinny blondes or petite brunettes, etc).The patio was jam-packed by 10 and included an outdoor bar.Instead, they usually had some sort of club card membership. You won’t have to deal with waiting in line or being denied entry.The Argyle (18 Argyle St, The Rocks): Free door including the beautiful doorgirl, Mel.Most of the seats were taken in both areas, but the patio was large and had many outside tables. Has nothing but hot blond bartenders and go-go dancers in cowgirl outfits. This was a typical high-energy club with extremely attractive women that were, for the type of venue, very approachable. This was a cool, rockabilly-meets-goth-meets-punk themed night that moves all around Sydney bringing super high-energy rockabilly and punk bands to a very diverse and made-up crowd.Despite being very punk oriented and alternative (Makeup, corsets, vinyl, etc) everyone was EXTREMELY NICE. Opening was a breeze and conversation (though sometimes dull) was VERY easy. Outside, there were merch booths, a semi-bar and a grill (apparently, in Sydney, you have to sell food if you sell alcohol), and it is where most of the crowd congregated when the bands or burlesque shows weren’t going on inside.

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Women are super attractive and men are generally cordial if dominant, no AMOG problems.I made a ton of new friends at World Bar that were willing to show me around for the rest of the week I was there and made a few great and lasting friendships!The more exclusive clubs are tougher to open, like always, so get that stack tight and get your game face on.The real prejudice seems to be reserved for the aborigines and homosexuals.Overall, Sydney was a blast and the people were very welcoming and easy to open.

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