Dating a half asian

Also, to relate back to John’s thoughts, there isn’t the already existing stigma of “yellow fever” that halfie girls have to contend with if they choose to pursue half- or fully-Asians as their partners.

I’ve never in any way been ostracized for any of the guys I’ve chosen to see because of their race, but I know that’s not the case for some of those guys.

Yes we can wear any style of clothes or date any kind of guy, but what that really equates to is that it’s markedly easier for a half-Asian girl to meet new people and have diverse experiences.

Social mobility and access to various subcultures are possible without the fear of being laughed at or called out for pursuing new interests.

“Yellow fever” is merely something we laugh at and that makes us feel superior to all those dudes of various races chasing after us; which is perhaps slightly unkind, but isn’t it nice to laugh in the face of potentially being festishised? After all, if the way you look catches a lot of people’s attention, it’s less work for you the halfie girl, and it’s likely your interesting and diverse outlook on life will dazzle all these fellows waiting to meet you.

A lot of what I’ve just said is pretty light, but there are serious points to be taken, which have been informed by my lived experience as a young, half-Chinese female.

Don’t I have great shame and loss of face in doing this to my family? This is why I always showed off my white dad, and bragged about being Half-White.

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It has also been confirmed by other internet dating studies as well as a Columbia speed dating study in person. I would call it Karma, if I were not myself a Hapa man suffering the consequences of it. I’m only going to write about Eurasian male problems. Its clear that no one in the world has sympathy for Eurasians.Originally posted on: 2013/02/05 After I read John Cadengo’s short piece, “On Being Half-Asian,” I am now certain that with “half-Asian” as a condition of being, it is easier to be a girl than a boy (which is probably the only time anyone would ever say that).I’m not an expert in women’s studies or feminist theory (further than how it relates to certain post-modern artists), but even my basic knowledge of these subjects, coupled with my perception of how the world works, tells me that it is indeed a man’s world.No woman of any race will ever consider dating the sons that result from that pairing. The fact is, its impossible for any white girl to find a Eurasian male attractive, and nothing I do can change that. I’ve learned that none of my individual choices make a difference. We are born from a WMAF relationship, in which both the white dad and asian mom tell us our masculinity is worthless. And now I have objective, statistical proof that white women hate me too.93.4% of white women, refuse to date Asian or Half-Asian men. White men and Asian women already consider Eurasian men to be less than men. I know that the entire outside world is united against me.

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