Dating a blue mason jars

In one, we added the big, fat (cheaper) glitter and it, literally, settled in about 10 seconds flat. In the second container, we added Elmer's White Glue, which turned it into an opaque mess. So, a few days later, after looking at the different recipes and thinking about the science behind what makes them work we decided to make an experiment out of creating the glitter jars.(I'm talking about the science of the jars here, not the science of meditation - I'm definitely not qualified to talk about that because I haven't been at all successful with meditation. We kind of went overboard, but once we got on a roll we kept thinking of other ways to tweak the recipes and the girls were having fun, so we went with it.I've seen these jars all over Pinterest the last couple of months or so, sometimes called "mind jars" and sometimes called "calm-down jars", and thought they might be a fun craft to make with the girls.

You can't tell from the recipes above, but a while later we decided to add more glitter to one of the jars to see if that made any difference and it didn't really change the settling rate.Step 3: You will notice that some of the glitter remains floating on the top due to the surface tension of the water.(See the picture below.) Carefully add 3-4 drops of liquid dish soap to the top of the jar (I recommend an adult do this part) and shake the jar again.You can even use a timer and label the jars with the time it takes each to settle.Then have your child place the jars in a line from the fastest to the slowest settling times.

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