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Was your date nervous, tipsy, and/or in an environment that wasn’t conducive to a first kiss (in public, about to jump in a cab, or standing awkwardly at your front door at the end of an exhilarating evening)?Your sweetie could’ve just had a case of performance anxiety.We were set up by a mutual friend who believed we would hit it off, which we did.

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You may be surprised at how much better the kiss is the second time around. It’s important to do this early on in your courtship so that any bad lip-locking habits can be nipped in the bud and quickly corrected.

Keep in mind that diplomacy goes a long way when trying to retrain a lousy lip-locker.

Instead of coming out and saying, “I don’t like the way you kiss.

There’s just one thing: His or her lip-locking abilities are, well, lackluster.

Honestly, your honey can’t kiss his or her way out of a paper bag. Before you decide to ditch your pucker-challenged cutie, first give the following five tips a try.

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