Daniel merriweather dating

An automobile accident resulting in a detached retina made it difficult and uncomfortable to work in front of the bright lights used on movie sets, so he switched to an entirely different career as an author.

He wrote a popular science fiction novel titled Chrome (1978), in which two gay men were the principal characters.

They made a decision that made Rock Hudson a Hollywood legend while simultaneously dashing the career of Nader to hopeless obscurity.Nader played Roy, the often shirtless hero who saves the world from the clutches of a robot in a gorilla suit.Shot in just 4 days, it went on to become a camp cult classic.In fact, Nader and Mark Miller (Nader’s life partner) became Hudson’s de facto family and were especially supportive in the months leading up to Hudson’s death from AIDS in 1985.BTW: I can find no evidence that a magazine article exposing Nader as homosexual was ever published, although the threats may have been real.

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